Optimize your perioperative performance.

Every day, your facility is under pressure to manage the perioperative environment in all its complexity. How do you drive improved patient outcomes and perioperative efficiencies, while maintaining staff satisfaction and reducing costs?

We can help. With our finger on the pulse of today’s surgical suite, our experts have created a vast portfolio of products and solutions to help you make the right choices. We are poised to help solve your business and clinical challenges ­— efficiently and cost effectively.

From providing the latest tools to help promote aseptic practice, to increasing patient and O.R. safety, we have the people, products and resources you need to “perioptimize” your O.R.


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Clinical Solutions

You’re under pressure to stay up-to date on changing guidelines, while improving outcomes and identifying new ways to mitigate potential infection and injury risks. Discover the products and solutions that can help you deliver quality care.

Reducing SSIs

Reducing SSIs

SSIs impose a significant clinical and financial burden. Minimize SSI risk and potential readmissions with products that support and promote a healing environment like Optifoam Gentle foam dressing.

Preventing Skin Injuries

A skin injury that presents 72 hours after surgery is recognized as starting in the perioperative area. Explore our portfolio of patient positioners and Medline University CE courses designed to inform your team and help reduce skin injuries in the O.R.

Promoting Patient Safety

The risk for DVT may be elevated for all perioperative patients because of immobility, tissue trauma and surgical positioning requirements. We can help you find the right therapy for your patients and facility.

Business Solutions

Gain efficiencies and reduce costs throughout your facility with our quality products, services and solutions.

Central Sterile

Like you, our standards for sterility are impeccable. Explore products and equipment for every step of the sterilization process, serving on the frontline of patient safety. Plus, give your CS team access to SPD best practices with free CE courses and training at Medline University.

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Storage and Equipment

It’s critical that your operating room be properly equipped to meet the needs of your patients and surgical team. Our Capital Quote System provides quality equipment and storage solutions to keep your O.R. in top form.

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ReNewal Full-Circle Reprocessing

Reprocessing single-use devices is the right thing to do. Our program simplifies the process, delivering quality devices, better customer service and greater financial results.

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Perioperative Consulting Services

Where are the opportunities for improvement in your perioperative supply management process? Our experts will assess, analyze and identify new ways to increase efficiency, reduce waste and deliver financial savings.

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Color-coded Packaging System

Reduce picking errors and improve staff productivity with easy-to-read, color-coded labeling and pack inserts. This timesaving system helps reduce waste and keeps everyone focused on the procedure at hand.

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Suture and Endomechanical Advanced Logistics

Maintain your inventory of sutures and endomechanicals without the financial investment. We can help you reduce labor, minimize waste and reduce holding costs. You don’t pay for the products you don’t use. And our electronic tracking system makes ordering easy.

Featured Product Categories

Find products for all phases of perioperative care — from surgical gowns and gloves to capital equipment.

Surgical Caps

Surgical Caps

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Central Sterile

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SensiCare PI Powder-Free Surgical Gloves

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Sterillium Rub

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Two ways informaticists can bridge the technology gap in the O.R.

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See how Gulf Breeze Hospital reduced costs, optimized storage space and increased efficiency in their O.R.


Applying evidence-based information to improve hand-off communication in perioperative services (1.00 CE).

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