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Catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) are one of the most common healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and account for more than 15% of all HAIs reported by hospitals.1 They are expensive in both human and financial terms. CAUTIs cause patient discomfort, discharge delays, increased mortality, higher costs and lower hospital reimbursement.1,2

Medline has worked with clinical leaders in hospitals nationwide to develop an effective and easy-to-adopt process that combines clinical thinking with product and educational resources to help you achieve your CAUTI prevention goals and drive sustainable practice change.

The ERASE CAUTI Comprehensive Care Solution addresses four key areas: Discovery Assessment, Product Solutions, Education & Training, and Outcomes Reporting.

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“Through our collaboration with Medline, we have achieved some dramatic results and I attribute that to the well-designed program by Medline. I also see it as a strong testament to our staff who are committed to providing high-quality care.”

~ Sheila Currans
Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Memorial Hospital

Partnering with You for Better Outcomes

Medline’s Discovery Assessment collects data from multiple areas to help identify opportunities for improvement that will lead to the most impactful path to reduce CAUTI risk for patients. From here we work with you to determine the ideal product bundles and education strategy for your patient population.

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ERASE CAUTI is part of our comprehensive Infection Prevention Solutions program designed to help you prevent hospital-acquired infections.

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