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ERASE CAUTI Comprehensive Care Solution

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Removing Barriers to CAUTI Prevention

Catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs) are one of the most common healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and account for more than 15% of all HAIs reported by hospitals.1 CAUTIs cause patient discomfort, discharge delays, increased mortality, higher costs and lower hospital reimbursement.1,2

Medline has worked with clinical leaders in hospitals nationwide to develop an effective and easy-to-adopt process that combines clinical thinking with product and educational resources to help you achieve your CAUTI prevention goals and drive sustainable practice change.

The ERASE CAUTI Comprehensive Care Solution addresses four key areas: Risk Assessment, Product Solutions, Education & Training, and Outcomes Reporting.


See how Floyd Medical Center reduced CAUTI rates by 83 percent.

Making It Easier to Do the Right Thing

ERASE CAUTI Solution offers three distinct bundles that promote components of care recommended for all patients to reduce CAUTI risk. Each bundle follows the Comprehensive Care Solution process, creating a unique offering of product solutions and education to meet your facility’s needs.

IUC Bundle

The Indwelling Urinary Catheter (IUC) Bundle was designed by nurses, for nurses. It features a patented one layer tray that helps staff habitually follow aseptic technique. The tray intuitively guides clinicians, left to right, through the insertion process. Components are organized in order of use to minimize the risk of contamination.

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Medline worked with nurses to develop an innovative one-layer indwelling urinary catheter (IUC) tray that helps remove several barriers to CAUTI prevention by intuitively guiding clinicians through evidence-based practices. The tray uses the simple acronym ERASE to trigger the next step in CAUTI prevention practices.

Supporting Products

The patented one layer tray uses the ERASE acronym to lead staff through evidence-based insertion practices.

“Through our collaboration with Medline, we have achieved some dramatic results and I attribute that to the well-designed program by Medline. I also see it as a strong testament to our staff who are committed to providing high-quality care.”

Sheila Currans, Chief Executive Officer, Harrison Memorial Hospital

The following courses and training material are available with the ERASE CAUTI IUC Bundle.

Onsite Education
  • Advanced IUC Course
  • Skills Validation Days
Support Materials
  • IUC Selection Tool
  • One Layer Tray Poster
  • IUC Best Practices Poster
Training Videos
  • One Layer IUC Tray
  • Support Materials

Bladder Bundle

The ERASE CAUTI Bladder Bundle provides staff with the tools to assess urination and adequate bladder emptying, as well as alternatives for managing their patient’s specific bladder condition.

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Supporting Products

Bladder Scanner

The Biocon 750, with patent-pending BladderPoint aiming technology, accurately measures urine volume to help staff screen for common urological conditions, evaluate if a Foley catheter is necessary and differentiates types of incontinence.

Intermittent Catheter Tray

The Medline Total One Layer Intermittent Catheter Tray includes a perineal cleansing cloth and pre-connected collection bag. Components are layered in order of use, promoting proper insertion and ease of use.

Alternatives for Managing Incontinence

ANA guidelines recommend urinals to aid prompted voiding, and briefs, drypads and male external cathetersto help manage incontinence and maintain skin integrity.3

Education & Training

The following courses and training material are available with the ERASE CAUTI Bladder Bundle.

Online Courses
  • Deciding which Patients Need an IUC
  • Finding Alternatives to IUCs in the Incontinent Patient
  • Knowing the When, Why and How of Intermittent Catheterization
Training Videos
  • Use of the BioCon 700
  • Inserting an Intermittent Catheter
Support Materials
  • ANA CAUTI Prevention Tool
  • Does Your Patient Need An IUC Poster

Care & Maintenance Bundle

For patients who have an IUC, it is important that caregivers perform proper perineal care and catheter maintenance. The Care and Maintenance Bundle includes tools and educational resources to follow evidence-based practices for securement, perineal hygiene, drain bag placement and emptying, and timely IUC removal.

Get ERASE CAUTI in Your Facility

Supporting Products

SafeSecure Securement Device

Guidelines issued by CDC/HICPAC and the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals recommend securing the catheter tubing to ensure unobstructed urine flow and drainage.4, 5 SafeSecure has a low profile designed to minimize urethral traction and be gentle to skin.

Foley InserTag

IUCs should be used for the shortest amount of time possible.5 Medline’s Foley InserTag offers clinicians a visual reminder of when the IUC was inserted and whether it is still clinically needed. It also helps support compliance with CDC/HICPAC recommendation to document catheter insertion date.4

ReadyCleanse Meatal and Perineal Care Cleansing Cloth

One of the biggest risks involved with urinary catheters is the potential for infection.6 Proper hygiene can help to reduce this risk. The ReadyCleanse system provides five soft, smooth cloths premoistened with a pH-balanced, hypoallergenic solution for cleaning the perineum of catheterized patients.

Education & Training

The following courses and training material are available with the ERASE CAUTI Care & Maintenance Bundle.

Online Courses
  • Maintaining an IUC and Closed Drainage System
  • Finding Alternatives to IUCs in the Incontinent Patient
  • Knowing the When, Why and How of Intermittent Catheterization
Training Videos
  • Securement Device Application
  • Proper Perineal and Catheter Care
Support Materials
  • Proper Peri-Care and IUC
  • Facilitating Drainage Poster
  • Proper Balloon Deflation Poster


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