IUC Standardization Bundle

Created by nurses for nurses, the core of the ERASE CAUTI solution is the IUC Standardization Bundle. Its patented one layer tray introduces a systematic approach to evaluating IUC appropriateness and ensures proper insertion technique by intuitively guiding the clinician left to right through the insertion process. Components are organized in order of use to minimize the risk of contamination.

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Medline worked with nurses to develop an innovative one-layer indwelling urinary catheter (IUC) tray that helps remove several barriers to CAUTI prevention by intuitively guiding clinicians through evidence-based practices. The tray uses the simple acronym ERASE to trigger the next step in CAUTI prevention practices.

Education & Training

The following courses and training material are available with the ERASE CAUTI IUC Bundle.

Onsite Education
  • Advanced IUC Course
  • Skills Validation Days
Support Materials
  • IUC Selection Tool
  • One Layer Tray Poster
  • IUC Best Practices Poster
Training Videos
  • One Layer IUC Tray
  • Support Materials
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