Bladder Bundle

There are over 2.5M unnecessary catheters placed every year.  Our Bladder bundle is designed to help reduce unnecessary Foley catheterizations with easy to use products that encourage clinicians to follow best practice for each patient. Our bladder scanners help determine if a Foley catheter is necessary based on ANA guidelines and our alternatives to Foley catheters help manage urinary incontinence and urinary retention for increased patient comfort and dignity.  Our Men’s Liberty Acute external catheter can actually take the place of a foley catheter in many instances.

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Supporting Products

Bladder Scanners Help Identify Need for Foley

Accurate diagnosis begins with a better bladder scanner. The Biocon 750 and Biocon 900 with patent-pending BladderPoint aiming technology, accurately measures urine volume to help staff screen for common urological conditions, evaluate if a Foley catheter is necessary and differentiates types of incontinence.

Alternatives for Retention

The Medline Total One Layer Intermittent Catheter Tray includes a perineal cleansing cloth and pre-connected collection bag. Components are layered in order of use, promoting proper insertion and ease of use.

Medline Men’s External Catheter

Alternatives to Foley Catheters

The Men’s Liberty Acute External Catheter has a completely external, noninvasive design that helps reduce the risk of infection associated with indwelling catheters. It directs urine away from the skin to avoid moisture-related skin breakdown while keeping patients dry and comfortable.

Alternatives for Managing Incontinence

ANA guidelines recommend urinals to aid prompted voiding, and briefsdrypads and male external cathetersto help manage incontinence and maintain skin integrity.1

Education & Training

The following courses and training material are available with the ERASE CAUTI Bladder Bundle.

Online Courses
  • Deciding which Patients Need an IUC
  • Finding Alternatives to IUCs in the Incontinent Patient
  • Knowing the When, Why and How of Intermittent Catheterization
Training Videos
  • Use of the BioCon 700
  • Inserting an Intermittent Catheter
Support Materials
  • ANA CAUTI Prevention Tool
  • Does Your Patient Need An IUC Poster
  • Huddle Educational Posters
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  1. Streamline Evidence-Based RN Tool: Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) Prevention. American Nurses Association. Available at: Accessed August 24, 2015.