Change Reaction: A catalyst for scaling change

Spark a Change Reaction is a catalyst to help senior healthcare leaders influence behavior change at scale. Our purpose is to share innovative strategies for spreading effective processes and transforming performance system wide.

Insights Lab

Innovation is paying close attention to how people do things – and then finding a way to do it better. See how your colleagues are picturing a better way.

Experiment in progress. Stay tuned.

Who we are

Medline | Community-of-problemsolver

We are a community of creative problem solvers looking inside and outside of healthcare for patterns, ideas and best practices to help you activate behavior change at every level.

We’re bringing together senior leaders for provocative conversation around the challenges of system integration—from the strategic big picture to the realities of everyday clinical and operational practice.

We’re connecting and collaborating with innovative thinkers, building on ideas to make better ideas. And we’re putting insights into action to propel better outcomes system wide.

Featured insights

From research to results, see how we’re partnering with leading healthcare providers to tackle the challenges related to systems integration. This series of case studies, featured in Modern Healthcare, highlights real-world strategies for attaining clinical standardization, improving care transitions and increasing operational efficiencies.

Upcoming Patient Safety Executive Summits

In 2018, we’ll host a series of roundtable events for leaders from across the healthcare continuum to connect and collaborate with industry innovators. Concepts, conversation and highlights will be shared after each summit.

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