Patient Care and 24/7 Contact

You don’t want your patients and families experiencing the trauma and chaos of calling an ambulance when all they want is to stay at home. SmartCare helps keep patients at home and in your care. Highly-trained representatives can assist your patients more effectively for a nominal fee and replace costly after-hours answering services.

Enhance your care, manage crisis calls and improve satisfaction scores with SmartCare Hospice from Medline.


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Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use

The set-up process is easy:

1. Agency representative brings the device to patient’s home.

2. Nurse, patient, family and caregiver participate in training with a Care Center program manager.

3. Device is ready to use 24/7.

The device requires no special installation and connects automatically through wireless cellular service. With the push of a button, the patient can be connected to a trained professional.

24/7 Access to Care

With SmartCare, your patient presses a button and immediately connects to a trained professional through a cellular phone line. The call is answered under the name of your agency to provide consistency and avoid confusion for patients and families.

Having patients call SmartCare instead of calling you helps reduce the burden of expensive after-hours call services.

Ask Medline about how SmartCare can help reduce call service expenses.

A Seamless Extension of Your Staff

SmartCare’s services combine to increase the productivity of your clinical staff, offering services to and taking care of your patients when they need it:

  • Patients may contact SmartCare as much or as little as they want with any concerns – health-related, clinical or social.
  • SmartCare helps patients keep track of medications, set up transportation, make appointments or just lend a listening ear.
  • Whatever your protocols, SmartCare will work with you to implement them based on each patient’s need.


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2. Reduction among patients using SmartCare since program began. Data on file.