Patient care and 24/7 contact.

SmartCare provides the tools a home health agency needs to implement a best-in-class readmission prevention and transitions management program. Through the use of a wireless device, the patient will have 24/7 access to care.

Enhance your care, keep readmissions down and build your reputation with SmartCare Home Health. To learn more, watch our recorded SmartCare Home Health webinar on transitional care and readmission management.

24/7 Access to Care

With SmartCare, your patient presses a button and immediately connects to a trained professional. Phones are answered under the name of your agency to provide consistency.

By calling SmartCare instead of 911 for non-emergent issues, the patient avoids a potential visit to the hospital, keeping your readmission rate down.

Ask Medline about how SmartCare keeps readmission rates low.

Seamless Extension of Your Staff

SmartCare’s services combine to increase the productivity of your clinical staff, taking care of your patients when they need it:

  • Patients may contact SmartCare as much or as little as they want with any concerns—health-related, clinical or social.
  • SmartCare helps patients keep track of medications, set up transportation, make appointments or just lend a listening ear.
  • Whatever your protocols, SmartCare will work with you to implement them based on each patient’s need.

On-Demand Readmission Data

SmartCare has helped agencies avoid thousands of unnecessary hospital readmissions by resolving a majority of patient issues over the phone(1).

Non-emergent issues or questions can be managed through SmartCare without a return to the hospital. That means no more losing reimbursement because patients are unnecessarily hospitalized.

Get the on-demand data you need to share with referral sources and market your business. Call 1-800-700-0162 and ask about setting up SmartCare from Medline.


1. Reduction among patients using SmartCare since program began. Data on file.

2. Data on file

The technology and customer care center support for SmartCare are provided by Critical Signal Technologies, a separately owned company.