Turn outcomes into income.

Winning referral business has always depended on your relationship with hospitals and managed care organizations. But now with changes to reimbursement, including readmission penalties and quality mandates, that relationship is driven by outcomes not connections.

The ability to show providers that you can sustain low readmissions and high quality standards is critical. We can help.

We’ve searched out some of the brightest minds in healthcare quality management to bring you highly effective resources for achieving and promoting readmission rates and quality performance. From assessment and reporting tools to care-management systems, we help you gain a competitive edge.


Learn how Medline’s quality-centered programs help reduce unnecessary readmissions.

Business Tools

abaqis Quality Management System

Use this web-based assessment and reporting tool to do it all: monitor and prove your readmission stats; comply with federal and state regulations; enhance patient and family satisfaction; manage QAPI processes and market your facility.

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Daylight IQ Disease Management Software

Reduce unnecessary 30-day hospital readmissions by up to 50 percent with our Daylight IQ disease management software. It alerts caregivers to changes in condition and provides the proven care plans.

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SmartCare 24/7 Patient Contact

Keep patients at home connected 24/7 with SmartCare. With the push of a button, they can communicate with trained professionals about medical or social concerns.

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Learn how to keep readmissions down, build your reputation and enhance care with SmartCare Hospice


Staff Training and Education

INTERACT eCurriculum

Reduce unnecessary hospital transfers, admissions and hospital readmissions. This unique online training program for facility staff provides evidence-based and expert-recommended interventions designed for everyday practice in long-term facilities.

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Wound Care Management

Making innovative wound care technologies accessible and affordable for your facility is our priority. Discover high-performance solutions for every phase of acute, critical and chronic wounds. Plus, support staff with comprehensive training and onsite education.

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Hospital readmissions: Facts, challenges and real-life solutions

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