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Improve Your Quality of Care and Survey Results

What your agency needs is a tool that not only helps keep up with the latest round of regulatory changes — but helps you stay ahead of the next one. What are the risks of non-compliance?

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How Can SMARTAUDIT Help You?

Medline has teamed with Qualidigm to bring you an online program you can use to navigate today’s stringent regulatory requirements — and be ready for tomorrow’s.

With SMARTAUDIT, you’ll be better prepared for audits and better able to avoid fees for non-compliance. With SMARTAUDIT, you get:

  • Unparalleled access to real-time data for standard or customized reporting
  • Reports that help you analyze compliance status
  • The clarity you need to address deficiencies and improve efficiencies

If you have more questions about how SMARTAUDIT can help your facility, fill out our form or call: 866-356-4997.

Smarter Than a Scrubber

While some scrubbers may offer “compliance features,” they focus solely on the content, format and information for your OASIS tool.

SMARTAUDIT is focused on regulatory compliance — evaluating the actual quality of your clinical notes to help ensure they’ll meet reviewer expectations, and identifying missing or incomplete information before billing ever occurs.

With our robust, comprehensive tools and reports, you’ll be better equipped to maintain compliance with current federal, accreditation and state licensure requirements, and avoid costly fines and penalties too.