The Right Data at the Right Time.

Our Real Time Medical Systems app analyzes data in your EMR and alerts you to areas of concern – live as they happen – improving quality measures, clinical outcomes and financial performance.

This interventional analytics software for skilled nursing facilities scans 150 data fields per hour within your existing EMR and produces live dashboards, reports and alerts that will enable your team to be even more proactive in delivering care where it’s needed, when it’s needed—before a critical event occurs. This app is simple, intuitive and requires no extra work for you or staff.

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Discover what motivated founder Dr. Scott Rifkin to create Real Time.

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Empower performance with actionable data.

Live Quality Measures help you intervene and greatly improve your Nursing Home Compare star rating.

Drill down to specific residents in the dashboard and see live ADL scores to assist you with your plan of action and help increase reimbursements.

* On Medicare Part A, and in Cases Mix states, realized an additional $1.50 PPPD. Data on file.

Real Time queries 150 EMR data fields per hour and pulls out the most pertinent details, helping you make decisons to avoid preventable hospitalizations.

Plug into opportunities for improved outcomes.

The following digital dashboards display areas for concern across your EMR.

Complex, trending alerts empower proactive care.
Unlike other systems, Real Time connects the dots regarding changes in condition. It delivers actionable, trending data, taking into account not just the change, but how it relates to each resident’s baseline. It also reports combinations of changes in individuals that could lead to a decline in health.

  • Live ADL’s—make adjustments before you report and have your reimbursement exactly align to the care you deliver.
  • A virtual QA nurse at your fingertips
  • Live daily Quality Measures
  • AMDA and INTERACT interventions included as recommendations for care
  • Detailed shift-to-shift reports delivered to your inbox
  • No data entry required
Get reimbursed for all the care you provide.
Begin with the summary dashboard, and from there view live analysis of RUGs III and IV ADL scores to help you identify by payer if a particular resident is receiving more care than your documentation suggests. ADLs account for 30-40% of your reimbursement.

  • Live ADL’s—make adjustments before you report and have your reimbursement exactly align to the care you deliver.
  • Review the last 7 days of MDS coding in one chart
  • Identify ADL end splits and associated documentation in real time
  • Track acuity trending in real time
  • Live MDS monitoring for QRP compliance – quickly locate your dashes to protect 2% of your total reimbursement.

Learn how Real Time helps improve and maintain your Quality Measure scores.

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What customers are saying about Real Time.

“It’s pretty simple to see how Real Time can help our bottom line.”

– Allan Swerdloff, Vice President, Strategy and Value Based Care
AristaCare Health Services

“We’ve seen an increase in the 5-Star Rating in several facilities after implementing Real Time.”

– Maggie Turner, RN, RAC-CT, Senior Director, Clinical Reimbursement
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