St. Patrick’s Home for the Aged Completes the INTERACT eCurriculum

Assisting Staff With Learning and Implementation

Acute care referral partners are expecting two critical elements from nursing homes: superior quality and reduced hospital readmission rates. To help with these two elements, St. Patrick’s Home for the Aged in New York turned to its partner Medline to utilize the INTERACT eCurriculum online education program to assist staff with learning and implementing the INTERACT tools. In less than a year, St. Patrick’s Home for the Aged was able to achieve 100% completion of the INTERACT eCurriculum by all of the staff.

“For anyone having contact with residents, I’ve seen a greater sense of observation and curiosity when it comes to identifying changes,” says Lurline Ferdinand, director of nursing. “The eCurriculum has also sparked more engaged and empowered staff and even stronger relationships with those they care for.”