INTERACT eCurriculum Testimonials

The following facilities have successfully completed the INTERACT eCurriculum. Find out what customers had to say about the training.

St. Patrick’s Home for the Aged

Completion date: July 29th, 2016 |

With INTERACT eCurriculum, we were able to utilize flexible online training to implement all 37 INTERACT tools. It was also important that it included all disciplines of staff, because everyone has a particular role in caring for the resident.”

- Sister Kevin Patricia Lynch, Administrator, St. Patrick’s Home for the Aged

Asbury Park

Completion date: February 20th, 2017 |

Asbury Park is very thankful for the opportunity Medline provided to become certified. This education assisted all delivery areas of service to better understand the bigger picture of what we are trying to accomplish each day in the care of our elders. INTERACT training has been an influence on improving our teamwork and reducing our turnover rate.”

– Tom Williams, CEO, Asbury Park

Glen Cove Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation

Completion date: March 13th, 2017 |

During all the training, the staff was very receptive and enjoyed doing all the modules. It looks very promising and the staff can’t wait to get started with the INTERACT tools.”

– Mary Jo Brosnan, Staff Educator, Glen Cove Center for Nursing
and Rehabilitation

Marquis Rehabilitation and Nursing

Completion date: March 27th, 2017 |

INTERACT changed our approach to care delivery.”

– RN Unit Manager, Marquis Rehabilitation and Nursing

Sunharbor Manor

Completion date: March 30th, 2017 |

Medline’s INTERACT eCurriculum was awesome!  The modules are poignant and easy to navigate.  It has been a great tool in advancing, implementing and achieving our facility’s goals of providing quality care. The Medline team were always available for support with any questions I had.  The experience was professional and thorough.”

– Barbara Littell, RN, BSN, In-Service Coordinator, Sunharbor Manor

Forest View

Completion date: April 1st, 2017 |

Excellent, informative, and user friendly. It makes compliance and patient care very easy. Smooth & comfortable transition. Terrific educational support from Medline.”

– Moishe Deutsch, Administrator, Forest View Rehab

Mount Carmel Care Center

Completion date: May 3rd, 2017 |

The INTERACT eCurriculum through Medline University has had a central result: EVERYONE who works at Mount Carmel Care Center is now aware that they play an important role in preventing unnecessary hospitalizations. Following the process, we are now able to take information from all the staff, through the use of the tools, to help us get an early, accurate picture of resident status changes. This allows the clinical team to work with the Medical Staff to effectively evaluate, assess and when appropriate intervene within the Skilled Nursing Facility setting. The online training provides specific competencies which has helped us become a better facility.”

– George Mercier, Administrator, Mount Carmel Care Center

Long Island Care Center

Completion date: March 31, 2017 |

INTERACT and in particular, the ‘STOP and WATCH’ is an amazing tool! And it shows in our decreased re-hospitalizations. Working with Medline allowed us to achieve and complete this task throughout the entire facility inclusive of all departments.”

– Irwin Pomerantz, LNHA Administrator, Long Island Care Center