Social Responsibility

Shaping a healthier future by aligning action with values.

We are proud of the trust our customers have placed in us every day since the early 1900s. To continue this legacy, we invite you to view our annual Corporate Social Responsibility Reports. Learn about our social and environmental impact around the globe, and our vision for improving the communities in which we live, work and do business. From providing global health to developing countries, to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and more, integrity is at the core of upholding this trust for generations to come.



Learn how Medline optimizes supply chains around the world.

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As a family-owned, fourth generation company, our actions don’t reflect projected short-term gains or anticipated quarterly earnings. Instead, we make decisions based on the long-term benefits to our employees and the communities where we do business. Keep reading to learn about the specific areas of our social responsibility program:

Global Health

Advancing healthcare around the world by sharing impactful solutions

Kits for Kids containing basic medical supplies were hand delivered to children in Nicaragua
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Community Impact

Making communities more resilient and sustainable

LIFE-SAVING MEALS packaged for 423 starving children around the world


Offsetting our carbon footprint as stewards of the natural environment

of the electricity for Medline’s 1.1 million square foot building in Tracy, CA was generated from solar panels.

Global Health

Quality healthcare is not attainable for every community. At Medline, we believe it should be. We partner with global health clinics to provide them with the same cutting edge services we offer our customers. We listen, dig, uncover insights and provide tailored guidance to match their unique needs. Our goal is sustainable, impactful solutions that can be replicated to advance healthcare around the globe.

We create solutions that build strong, resilient health systems all around the world.

We believe in challenging the status quo; that through innovative partnership we can remove barriers that prevent patients from receiving the care that every human being deserves. This is healthcare in its purest form and it grounds us in the values that drive us every day.

Much of the world lives in a clinical desert, lacking access to even the most basic healthcare. In countries where clinical deserts are prevalent, lack of access to healthcare can impact one’s ability to work and provide for their family. In this way, the health of individuals is closely correlated to the health of the society. Through our approach to Global Health we bring the same service and expertise that we offer our customers in the U.S. to healthcare facilities to low resource countries around the world. We select partner clinics based on how their pain points match with Medline’s strengths and capabilities. Once the partnership is confirmed, we rely on skills-based volunteers to develop the scope of work, manage the project remotely, and ultimately implement it on the ground at the recipient healthcare facility.

“Medline is willing to explore new ways to partner with us to do what we both do best — improve healthcare.”

~ Jennifer Manhoff
Director of Clinics and Training, Project C.U.R.E.

Our partnership with One World Surgery:

Healthcare facilities operating in low resource countries face complex supply chain challenges. They receive supplies in full shipping containers filled with a combination of both purchased and donated product. These supplies are supplemented by donations brought by volunteers. These items, whether used or put on the shelf, are not accounted for in inventory or forecasting. As a result, surgical time is wasted when a necessary product cannot be found.

One World Surgery, an ambulatory surgery center located on a children’s home in rural Honduras, performs approximately 1,000 surgeries per year. Medline leveraged its expertise in Supply Chain Optimization and Perioperative Efficiency to implement a real-time inventory management system, so that surgeons have what they need, when they need it.

Community Impact

We believe that by investing human and financial resources to address prevalent healthcare concerns and challenges, we can stimulate health equity and improve the well-being of a community. Whether it’s through philanthropy, grants or volunteerism, we strive to help communities be more resilient, sustainable and reach their full health potential.

Community Impact Grant Program

Medline awards results-focused grants to not-for-profit organizations that address prevalent healthcare challenges facing people and patients and the community at large. For details about the Breast Cancer Awareness Grant click here. For details about the Community Health Centers Grant click here.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Previous breast cancer awareness grant recipients include:

The application period for the 2019 Breast Cancer Awareness Grant has ended. Grant recipients will be announced on or before October 15, 2019.

Community Health Centers

Medline works with community health centers to provide cost savings on patient-care products and offer programs on pertinent topics such as infection control and safety. Here is a list of previous grant recipients:

Heart-healthy Living

Medline and its employees have donated more than $350,000 to the American Heart Association (AHA) through funds raised for the AHA Heart Walk. The annual North Suburban Heart Walk is hosted at Medline headquarters in Northfield, Ill.

“We are honored to open our campus to the community. Each year, I hear the personal stories from so many of our co-workers, and it is a great reminder of why we walk.”

~ Andy Mills
President, Medline

Year-round Blood Drives

In partnership with LifeSource, Medline has been hosting 8 to 10 employee blood drives per year since 2002 at its offices in Mundelein, Ill. and Northfield, Ill.

“Handling the blood drives simply started as an assignment. Now, it’s become a mission.”

~ Jay Dionisio
Director, Medline Quality Assurance
Blood drive coordinator since 2009


Our environment and our health are intimately intertwined. Preserving a healthy planet for future generations is not only the right thing to do, it is our responsibility as a leader in the healthcare industry. Modern environmental challenges require companies and individuals to be proactive stewards. Medline invests heavily in environmental sustainability efforts to offset our carbon footprint and drive lasting impact. In 2016, our efforts reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 6.4% per employee. Looking to the future, we will utilize our greenhouse gas inventory data to better manage energy enterprise wide.


See how Medline is expanding its renewable portfolio with its first, solar-powered distribution center in North America.

Renewable Energy Around the Globe

Three more solar-powered facilities

We’ve expanded our renewable energy portfolio to include solar panel installations to power buildings in Germany, Australia and California.

“Medline continues to be an exemplary client in their commitment to sustainability. We have been proud to work with them on the Rialto system at their location in Rialto, Calif. “

~ Peyton Boswell
Managing Director, EnterSolar

8.3M square feet built to LEED standards

40% of our U.S. distribution centers are LEED certified or pending certification, representing over 8.3 million square feet of warehouse space. All new Medline buildings worldwide are constructed to meet LEED standards.

35%of facilities are ISO 14001 certified

We’re more than aware of our environmental obligations. We’re taking action. 35% of Medline’s manufacturing facilities received ISO 14001 certification, an international standard for controlling and improving a company’s environmental performance.