We have the
agility and scale to
act purposely and
respond rapidly

It’s what sets us apart—our ability to be as dynamic as you are, with solutions that fit. And we’re invested, long term

We understand. You need immediate answers… for someone to say “Yes” in the moment, and not to have to go up the chain of command. For over 50 years, we have sustained continuous growth in a dynamically changing market by uncovering opportunities, customizing solutions for every customer—large or small—and getting you what you need when you need it. That’s what we mean by agility and scale.

Our goal is to create partnerships that last, and our responsiveness speaks to that commitment. Rather than focusing on stockholders, we focus on you. And we’ve worked this way from the beginning.

We have the agility of a fast moving, privately-owned business, able to customize solutions

We create partnerships that last by bringing the best ideas forward. Our entrepreneurial culture inspires everyone to take ownership by working together, acting quickly and giving you just the right products to provide the best care.

It’s why more than 60 of the top 150 healthcare systems
choose us.

  • Decisions are driven by what’s right for you
  • We take responsibility for the results
  • Traveling the world to bring new concepts to life
  • We partner with you to see your ideas come to market
  • We look to uncover gaps and new opportunites
  • By applying hard work and ingenuity, we can help you through even the most serious crisis
  • Access to materials and clinical expertise mean shorter production development cycles
  • Connection to leadership means streamlined approval processes
  • We have the flexibility to give you what you need quickly across all care settings

As a large, financially independent company, we have the scale to invest in your long-term goals

We believe that’s why 95% of customers stay with us.

We’re motivated by your growth, not by Wall Street expectations, and we have the offerings, commitment, risk tolerance and integration to prove it. Our ability to see and respond to the total supply chain is what enables us to always deliver on quality and price. That’s our unique difference.

  • 500,000+ kits made every day
  • 19,000+ clinical and business experts to serve every market
  • We make sure our returns reflect your outcomes
  • Our ability to plan ahead for the unexpected protects you from backorders and outages
  • By prioritizing service and support over financial metrics, we build partnerships that last
  • Manufacturing: 30+ centers throughout 7 countries
  • Kit assembly: one of the world’s largest operations for surgical/minor procedure trays
  • Distribution centers: 54+ worldwide, including North Amercia, Europe, Asia and Australia
  • Transportation: 750+ MedTrans trucks for US customers
  • Quality: 1000+ quality control specialists and a rigorous system enabling a 99.98% defect-free rate
  • Service: 1600 dedicated service representatives; onsite logistics and clinical specialists serve customers in 90+ countries

We understand no two customers are alike

The big picture might be the same, but specific challenges are unique. For every size, location and
type of facility, we customize solutions to your exact needs.

Icon depicting physician's or other provider's office or healthcare facility
Icon depicting post-acute residential long-term healthcare setting
Icon depicting major hospital system

“Never pass up an opportunity to help someone.”

Image of Jim Mills, co-founder of Medline

Jim Mills,

This sentiment has always inspired how we do business. We focus on building both agility and scale to meet your needs every step of the way.

Some companies have agility, some have scale; we have both

This is how we make healthcare run better. 

And because of our responsiveness and our investment, we’re able to focus on four key areas to optimize your operating performance.

See our approach in action
Image of our approach to making healthcare run better in 4 ways: iimprove care, be preferred choice, work efficiently, reduce spending


The results speak for themselves

Find out more about how we apply our approach to your unique challenges.

For more examples of how Medline helps make healthcare run better for its partners, visit our Strategies for success.

Image depicting Riverside Healthcare's improve care quality case study
Improve care quality
Image depicting the Oregon Veterans Home Lebanon's be the preferred choice case study
Be the preferred choice
Image depicting Ventura County Healthcare System's disaster preparedness and work more efficiently case study
Work more efficiently
Image depicting Fawcett Memorial Hospital's reduce supply spending case study
Reduce supply spending

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