End-to-end ownership.

Helping healthcare providers drive down costs while ensuring quality of care is what we’re built to do. Our unique infrastructure—private company with full ownership of our entire supply chain—enables us to invest in our customers, delivering exceptional quality, service and value.

Medline | manufacturing

We manufacture our own products.

  • 80,000 Medline-manufactured products addressing all med-surg and lab supply needs
  • Expanding network of 30+ manufacturing centers throughout 7 countries
  • Rigorous quality management system, enabling a 99.98% defect-free rate
  • Ability to customize products to customer specifications
  • Open-innovation model of bringing new products to market
Medline | manufacturing
Medline Kit Assembly

We own our kit assembly plants.

  • One of the world’s largest operations for surgical/minor procedure trays, with locations spanning North America, Australia, Asia and Europe
  • 4 sterilization centers in the US
  • FDA- and ISO-registered

We own distribution centers across the map.

  • Expanding network of 50+ distribution centers worldwide, including North America, Europe, Asia and Australia
  • 20 million sq. ft. of medical-grade US distribution centers, strategically located for next-day delivery to 99% of US population
  • 2+ months of Medline-brand product inventory held for each customer as protection against unplanned demand increases and disaster response
  • Multiple ports of entry on both coasts to integrate imported products into distribution network
  • State-of-the-art software and automation, including goods-to-person robotics and voice-directed picking | Learn more
Medline Transportation Fleet

We own our transportation fleet.

  • 750+ MedTrans trucks delivering 550,000+ Medline-brand and national brand products to US customers throughout the continuum of care
  • Medline-employed US drivers and team of external Parcel and LTL delivery partners
  • Robust transportation management system combined with dynamic route planning system for reduced emissions and max cube
Medline Service Representatives

We take ownership of results by taking responsibility.

  • 1,600 dedicated service representatives and 5,000+ distribution center team members incentivized to achieve the highest fill levels and order accuracy in the US
  • Supply chain consultants and engineers who can identify gaps and opportunities, and develop customized solutions
  • On-site logistics support focused on balancing cost and quality
  • On-site clinical specialists focused on driving clinical best practices and standardization
  • Serve customers in 90+ countries
Medline Service Representatives