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Discover a holistic approach to CAUTI prevention

The best way to lower the risk of CAUTIs is to reduce the use of Indwelling Urinary Catheter (IUC)s, limit IUC duration and follow aseptic technique. But when frontline staff is pressed for time, they may not always follow aseptic technique or choose a safer alternative to an IUC. Our Urological Solution makes it easy for clinicians to do the right thing and lower the risk of infection. From best practice guidance and caregiver education to the right system of products, we empower frontline staff to create a culture of safety.

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Best Practice Guidance

Insights that help staff use consistent, evidence-based best practices for CAUTI prevention.

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Education and Training

Ongoing education developed by clinicians that builds sustainable knowledge to help fight infection.

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System of Products

From alternative devices to proper IUC care, our easy-to-use system of products is designed to help stop CAUTIs.



Reduce the use of IUCs with a consistent approach
to prevention

Our goal is to identify opportunities to standardize processes and promote the proper use of IUCs and aseptic technique. Following our discovery assessment, we make actionable recommendations to drive better clinical outcomes. Choose a virtual assessment or a hybrid of on-site and virtual reviews, including:

Interviews with leaders and staff
Observations of catheter insertion
Practice audits of catheter care and maintenance
Product utilization reviews of all urological nursing products
Storeroom reviews

Sample percentage data from report on infection prevention practices


Improve outcomes with education and training

Every day, clinicians are challenged to prioritize CAUTI prevention while coping with different care challenges and limited resources.
Designed by clinicians, our educational tools help keep patient safety top-of-mind. Discover materials for every learning style and skill level.

Online resource center

Medline University courses
Best practice videos
Industry guidelines
Training refresh tool such as posters

Pre-built, facility led education

24 months of train-the-trainer education with PowerPoint presentations, bulletin boards and other activities
 Short, theory-based learning modules with teaching points
 Discussion guides and activities to reinforce concepts

Don’t have a CAUTI prevention team? Our playbook has everything you need

  Team identity and engagement
 Facility support and commitment
 Budgeting and recruitment
 Meeting agenda guides and topics
 Progress tracking

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Support best practices with the right system of products

From intuitively designed kits to innovative products, each system helps frontline staff effectively prevent CAUTIs.

Appropriate IUC use

This collection of alternative products gives clinicians the tools they need to follow best care practices for appropriate IUC use.

Bladder scanner on a stand

BioCon Bladder Scanners text are hidden here for space

Uses BladderPoint technology for accurate measurements that help staff evaluate if an IUC is necessary.

male external catheter

Men’s Liberty Acute External Catheter text are hidden here for space

Our external Men’s Liberty Acute External Catheter supports your prevention as an alternative to IUCs.

Sealed package of intermittent catheter tray

Total One Layer Intermittent Catheter Tray text are hidden here for space

Organized to help caregivers follow proper aseptic insertion technique.

Proper insertion and maintenance

We’ve created a system of products with innovative packaging that ensures clinicians have everything they need for insertion and maintenance of IUCs in a standardized, best practice way.

Components of intermittent catheter tray laid out in order of use

Nurse-designed, this patented tray is sequenced to guide aseptic IUC insertion step by step.

Gloved caregiver's hands taking out wipe from container

Soft cloths soaked in a pH solution for cleaning the perineum before and after catheter insertion.

Best practices recommend securing the IUC to the patient to prevent unnecessary catheter movement (pistoning) which can facilitate bacteria moving into the urinary tract.

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CAUTI prevention beyond insertion: 5 common gaps in IUC maintenance

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See how Men’s Liberty Acute external catheter reduced the use of IUCs by 19%

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What’s your CAUTI prevention plan? Engaging unit champions could be your answer

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