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The environment of care has a big impact on infection spread

Eliminate surface and airborne pathogens as a source of HAIs.
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Pathogens can live a long time in the environment of care zone

Healthcare environments are hot spots for infectious pathogens. Many such as MRSA and C. difficile can live for months on surfaces.1 Just one contaminated doorknob can transmit harmful germs throughout a facility within hours.2 Without regular and effective cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and air, these pathogens can be a continuous source of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

Empower EVS staff with a step-by-step cleaning system

We partnered with experts nationwide to develop an efficient and effective environmental disinfection program. Our comprehensive approach combines process with education and products specially formulated for healthcare to help stop infectious pathogens from spreading.

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Zone in on the environment of care

Learn more about the role the environment plays in cross contamination and how we can help you drive consistent cleaning and disinfection practices. Simply complete this form and a Medline Representative will contact you soon.

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