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Wash in pathogen-fighting power

Strict protocols require linens and apparel to be both clean and hygienic before leaving the laundry. But as they make their way to the patient, clean linens can pick up pathogens that live on hospital equipment and bed rails, as well as visitors, staff and clinicians.
The EPA considers linens to be fomites, or carriers, of these pathogens, which can transfer to your patients and lead to hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).


of hospital staff uniforms are contaminated with bacteria1

6 touch points

Clean linens are touched about six times between washing and patient use2

Reduce contamination with SilvaClean

EPA-approved to reduce post-laundry contamination

SilvaClean holds the first ever public health claim for a residual laundry additive to reduce post laundry contamination, inhibiting the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria and fungi (mold and mildew) in products to which it is applied.3

Easy to use

Adding SilvaClean to your laundry system does not require changes in hospital process or purchasing new linens.

Help lower HAI rates

Hospital-acquired infection rates declined 43% at three hospitals when SilvaClean was implemented as part of a comprehensive infection prevention program.4

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Zone in on zero harm™

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