An IUC tray proven to help reduce CAUTI risk

Our nurse-designed tray standardizes practice and promotes aseptic technique

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Drive proper insertion and improve care with the Total One Layer IUC Tray

Patients can be at risk for infection when clinicians use different products and techniques for insertion, securement, perineal care and timely removal of indwelling urinary catheters (IUCs). Consistency helps improve prevention outcomes. Our intuitively designed, patented tray includes everything frontline staff needs to follow best practice and prevent CAUTIs.

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Sealed container of the Select Silicone version of Total One Layer Tray

A clinician-designed tray makes all the difference

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Nurse preference

84% of nurses prefer Medline trays and 78% of nurses say our trays promote better adherence to sterile technique.1

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Time Savings

Saves nurses 2 minutes every IUC insertion or 169 total hours annually for a 200 bed hospital.1,2

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IUC Reduction

15% reduction in IUC usage when combined with our comprehensive education program.3

Find the right products, sequenced the right way

1. Helps clinicians correctly determine when to use an IUC.

2. Promotes consistent aseptic technique during an IUC insertion.

3. Assembles all necessary components in an intuitive order.

4. Encourages cleansing the perineum before insertion.

5. Supports educating the patient on the catheter insertion process.

6. Ensures prompt removal of the catheter to reduce CAUTI risk.

7. Protects the patient from urethral trauma that can lead to infection.

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Choose the tray that fits the patient

Select the catheter material of your choice from latex, silicone or silver-coated options. Choose between a temperature sensing IUC, a catheter with a urine meter, and adult or pediatric-sized versions. Avoid pulling the wrong kit by identifying the catheter type from the tray’s color-coded packaging. Get the add-a-cath tray option with everything except the IUC so clinicians can pick the right catheter for the patient at the bedside.

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Encourage clinicians to do the right thing

It’s important for clinicians to perform proper perineal care and maintenance. Our products help
clinicians consistently follow evidence-based best practices for as long as the IUC is in place.

Caregiver's gloved hand securing Foley catheter to patient's leg

Best practices recommend securing the IUC to avoid infection from skin trauma. SafeSecure drains quickly, reduces injuries and comes with disinfection supplies for aseptic application.

Clinician's gloved hands holding perineal cleansing wipe

Cleansing the perineum and the catheter daily helps prevent infection. ReadyCleanse cloths are pre-saturated in a ph-balanced solution that's gentle on the skin of catheterized patients.

Simplify prevention practices for
every clinician

Request a product demo to discover how the Total One Layer IUC Tray can help clinicians maintain consistent prevention practices from catheter insertion to removal.

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Make CAUTI prevention second nature

Explore Medline’s full Urological Solution. From best practice guidance to education and the right system of products, we help you drive a culture of safety across your organization.

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Zone in on zero harm™

1. Based on data collected at participating facilities. Data on file.
2. Based on average Foley catheter kit annual volume at Medline accounts. Data on file.
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