Pneumonia Prevention Solution

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Our solution is designed to remove barriers and create success in the fight against VAP and NV-HAP. We offer a comprehensive solution that begins with a discovery assessment to identify practice gaps, products that make it easy to do the right thing, education to standardize and clarify and outcomes reporting to track progress and drive continuous improvement.

ERASE Pathogens Solutions

Real talk about pneumonia.

You see it every day. Your patient is doing well, but then suddenly develops pneumonia – the most common hospital-associated infection (HAI).1 It’s a real challenge that happens at every type of facility, in every type of unit—costing lives and dollars.

Pneumonia is the most common HAI in U.S. hospitals. : Non-ventilator and Ventilator acquired pneumonia 

Helping you do the right thing.

Our bundled approach helps you create and deliver effective and reliable oral care for every patient.

Our discovery assessment includes uncovering practice opportunities, examining your current protocols and identifying obstacles that prevent success. Once complete, you'll receive specific recommendations to address identified problem areas.

Our clinical panel, composed of more than 10 registered nurses, reviews your assessment results against clinically based best practice guidelines. They prepare a report with education and product selections.


Our clinical and product experts meet with you to present the review panel’s recommendations and create a customized implementation plan based on the assessment findings and best practice guidelines.


At this stage we begin rolling out the solutions discussed during leadership planning. This can include product training, rounding support and a live train the trainer session conducted by one of our clinicians.

Once your chosen products and solutions are in place, we begin tracking data and checking for compliance. Based on these results, we provide a post-implementation assessment that identifies areas for improvement that might include reeducating your staff, for example

Created by clinicians for clinicians.

Oral care kits for ventilated patients

24-Hour Box Kit

Make it easy for caretakers to deliver the right care at the right time, around the clock. A full portfolio of kits with straight valve connectors and hydrogen peroxide to help increase compliance

24-Hour Bag Kit

Everything you need to care for ventilated patients—like clock work. A full portfolio of kits with choice of thumb port or CHG and hydrogen peroxide for easier, more efficient care.

Oral care kits for non-ventilated patients

Self Care

For patients who can perform their own oral care. This kit ensures they have everything they need.

Assisted Care

For patients who need help with oral hygiene. This kit helps standardize and simplify the procedure for staff. Use one kit per patient daily.

Denture Care

Oral care for patients with dentures or no teeth. Our Denture Care kit provides the necessary tools and clear directions for use.

Simplify your prep

ReadyPrep™ Total Prep System

The ReadyPrep™ Total Prep System can help you overcome the challenges of pre-operative prep to deliver an antiseptic agent consistently, safely and effectively to the three main sources of bacteria—skin, nose, and mouth – to help prevent surgical site infections (SSIs) and HAP.

We provide pneumonia prevention solutions for every level of care.

Pre-Surgical Pre-Surgical
Pre-Surgical Ventilated
Pre-Surgical Assisted
Pre-Surgical Self Care

Continuing education with Medline University.

Join the thousands of healthcare facilities using Medline University to educate their staff.

  • Free access to over 200 clinical courses approved for continuing education credit by nationally recognized boards of nursing.
  • Create and manage accounts for your staff or enable them to create and manage their own accounts.
  • Administrative capabilities to assign and manage your staff’s education requirements and easily follow their progress.

Oral care courses are available, and include:

  • Non-ventilator Hospital-acquired Pneumonia (NV-HAP): Why Oral Care Matters-1 CE
  • Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia for CNAs-0.25 CE
  • Oral Health Across the Age of Spectrum for RNs-1 CE
  • Oral Health Across the Age of Spectrum for Healthcare Assistants-1 CE
  • 5 Step Approach for Avoiding VAP

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on zero harmTM

Build a strong team defense against HAIs with the shared accountability of a 3-zone prevention strategy.

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