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Germs spread easily from person to person—and it’s sickening

Break the chain of infection with hand hygiene and PPE.
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Equip people to protect themselves against harmful pathogens

In the human-to-human zone, HAIs spread by direct transfer of germs

Coughing, sneezing, touching. In healthcare settings, unchecked pathogens can easily cause infection through hand, face and bodily contact. Masks, gowns, gloves and hand hygiene products and practices provide protection—but only if everyone uses them properly. That’s the challenge.

Build good habits for hand hygiene and PPE use

Everyone in your facility—staff, as well as family members and visitors—must consistently and properly cleanse their hands and wear appropriate PPE to prevent pathogen transmission. But getting everyone to comply is complex. Contributing factors include:

  • Low awareness of what PPE to use and how
  • Confusion about correct hand hygiene technique
  • Lack of ready access to products throughout the facility

Empower compliance with an end-to-end approach that combines conveniently located products with public and staff learning resources.

Discover an integrated strategy for hand hygiene and PPE

Our comprehensive offering helps you make proper hand hygiene and PPE use second nature for everyone working in or visiting your facility. We pair the right system of products with education and training on best practices to help you empower better compliance and reduce the risk of cross infection.

Make it easier to get hand hygiene right

Our “6 Essentials” framework helps you improve compliance at every touchpoint.

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Keep everyone confidently protected

From safety assessment to customized PPE plan, our experts have you covered.

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6 key elements to better hand hygiene compliance

Hand hygiene compliance rates typically fall below 50% when measured accurately and reliably.1 Discover an evidence-based framework for achieving consistent improvements in staff performance.

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Explore more infection prevention strategies and insights


Post-acute care: building a culture of safety

American Health Care Association’s David Gifford gives tips on how to empower staff to make infection prevention a priority.

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How to don and remove PPE

Share these illustrated guides with staff and visitors to demonstrate the best way to put on and take off PPE.

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What’s the best way to monitor hand hygiene?

Direct observation or electronic monitoring systems? Learn the important role people and technology play in best practice.

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Zone in on human-to-human transmission

Learn how we can help you drive consistent practices for preventing cross contamination through human transmission. Simply complete this form and a Medline Representative will contact you soon.

Take a closer look at our zone prevention strategy

Target zero harm with our 3-zone strategy that covers the full perimeter of risk. It emphasizes people, process and products to drive change and empower teams to work together to create a culture of shared accountability and safety.

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Zone in on zero harmTM


1. Hand hygiene in healthcare settings – core slides. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. Available at: Accessed October 27, 2021.