Intelligent Observation electronic hand hygiene monitoring

An easy, cost-effective way to track compliance.
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Intelligent Observation advantages


Safe, secure near-field magnetic induction enabled technology (NFMI) captures every hand hygiene opportunity and compliance event every time and provides accurate data and intuitive dashboards for actionable feedback.

Easy to use and set up

Works with any brand of soap and/or sanitizer dispensers. No need to recharge badges or integrate with hospital network or WiFi.


For about the same cost as visual observation, our system automates hand hygiene compliance monitoring.

Helps meet the 2021 Leapfrog Hand Hygiene Standard

Intelligent Observation can help improve your hand hygiene compliance and greatly exceed the 200 direct observations per unit per month required for all patient care units or departments.2

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How Intelligent Observation works


Battery operated sensors are placed strategically in and around each patient room to match your facility’s hand hygiene compliance standard: In and Out or Bed Zone proximity, an accurate proxy for the WHO 5 Moments of Hand Hygiene


Smartbadge holder interacts with sensors to determine compliance/non-compliance and uploads compliance data to the cloud. Provides both individual and group level reporting.


Dashboard with compliance data, scorecard and trends is accessible online to credentialed staff.

See how Intelligent Observation is helping Silver Cross Hospital improve hand hygiene compliance.

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2. To ensure you are meeting the Leapfrog Hand Hygiene Standard, always refer to and rely on the latest version of the Leapfrog full-text PDF version for complete information: https://www.leapfroggroup.org/sites/default/files/Files/2020HospitalSurvey_20200413_8.1%20%28version%201%29.pdf