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Clean hands are the single most important way to reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). But getting hand hygiene right is complex. Pressures from staff shortages and turnover, confusion around best practices, a lack of educational resources and ineffective monitoring—all can contribute to low compliance.

Building a strong culture of safety around hand hygiene involves everyone from caregivers to family members. From best practice guidance to education, training and the right system of products, our comprehensive solution helps you get hand hygiene right—every person, every time and at every touchpoint.

Only 40% of healthcare workers adequately comply with hand hygiene practices1

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Best Practice Guidance

Our comprehensive approach, the “6 Essential Elements of Hand Hygiene,” helps improve compliance from products to performance monitoring.

Enhance knowledge

Education and Training

Training materials developed by clinicians reinforce WHO hand hygiene guidelines and Leapfrog Group best practices.

Empower staff

System of Products

From sanitizers, soaps and dispensers to innovative monitoring technology, we help you improve and assess hand hygiene at every touchpoint.

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Build better compliance with our total hand hygiene strategy

Our innovative “6 Essential Elements of Hand Hygiene” approach outlines everything you need to ensure consistent hand hygiene. This end-to-end, evidence-based system places the right products and dispensers where hand hygiene moments occur. The goal is to make hand hygiene second nature for everyone with best practice training and advanced monitoring technology—all to drive cost-effective change. Share our “6 Essential Elements” poster with your team.

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Improve performance with effective learning systems

Build good habits and help keep hand hygiene top of mind with these learning tools:

  • Medline University learning modules on hand hygiene and skin care
  • Posters for use in public and staff settings

Support hand hygiene with science-based products

Our complete system of products, point-of-care dispensers and compliance monitoring technology make proper hand hygiene intuitive for staff, patients and family members. Having the right formulas in every setting, along with electronic monitoring, helps drive compliance with CMS, CDC, Joint Commission, WHO and Leapfrog guidelines.

Our plain and antimicrobial soaps, sanitizers and wipes are formulated to be both gentle and effective, important when high frequency hand hygiene is required.

From manual and touch-free dispensers to wipes and bottles, a full array of options for every environment and use helps boost hand hygiene compliance.

Accurate data and real-time alerts give frontline workers and leaders the information they need to drive sustained, systemwide hand hygiene performance.

Advanced formulas for every use

Our science-based Spectrum™ line is dermatologist-designed and tested for antimicrobial efficacy and high frequency use. Highly effective, yet gentle on skin, choose the best options for every purpose, place and person in your facility.

Alcohol-based sanitizers

Eliminate harmful bacteria in 15 seconds or less with 62-85% ethyl alcohol foams and gels. Quick evaporating and moisturizing formulas help sooth skin.

Sanitize effectively

Plain and antibacterial soaps

Liquid and foaming soaps are gentle and effective with appropriate formulations for everyday use to surgical scrub.

Cleanse gently

Hand-sanitizing wipes

Hand wipes with 70% ethyl alcohol clean and sanitize while aloe and vitamin E moisturizers help soothe skin.

Eliminate germs easily

Dispensing systems for every setting

A full range of dispensers designed for each point of care and service area help everyone practice proper hand hygiene where and when they should. Dispensers include wall-mounted manual and touch-free, free-standing for lobbies and open spaces, personal carry and tabletop pump bottles, and sanitizing wipes in packets and canisters.

Products for every environment

For every environment from patient rooms to operating suites, soaps, sanitizers and wipes in the right dispensers and locations help you meet WHO 5 Moments and other quality group guidelines.

IntelObserve™ monitoring technology for every moment

IntelObserve™ overcomes the limits of direct observation providing the comprehensive data and alerts to drive cost-effective systemwide performance. With accurate and timely information, leaders can correct missed hand hygiene opportunities, achieve the Leapfrog Group 2021 Hand Hygiene Standard and focus compliance training where it’s needed most.

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Hand hygiene expert, Paul Alper, a monthly contributor to Healthcare Hygiene Magazine, shares hand hygiene best practices in a series of articles.

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Hand hygiene thought leaders, Elaine Larson, Paul Alper and IntelObserve™ CEO Seth Freedman discuss the challenges and future of hand hygiene.

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Former editor-in-chief of The American Journal of Infection Control, Elaine Larson discusses lessons from COVID, 2021 Leapfrog standards and more.

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1. Hand hygiene in healthcare settings – core slides. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. Available at: https://www.cdc.gov/HandHygiene/download/hand_hygiene_core.pdf. Accessed January 19, 2021.