A system of products designed to reduce IUC reliance

Empower caregivers with alternatives to IUC’s that support best practices for CAUTI prevention.

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Discover new strategies for limiting IUC

There are over 2.5 million unnecessary catheters placed every year.1 Each insertion brings a risk for infection. Our system of products gives caregivers the tools they need to follow best practices for appropriate catheter use. The wireless, portable bladder scanner helps determine if an IUC is necessary, and IUC alternatives give staff the products they need to manage each patient’s specific bladder emptying condition.

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Grouping of urological products that includes male external catheter, bladder scanner and intermittent catheter

Make bladder scanning safe, easy and accurate

Our innovative BioCon 900 bladder scanner is designed for safer care. Caregivers only need to bring the small probe into the room to perform a scan—and nothing else. Easy-to-use, its intuitive interface and bladderpoint aiming technology enable caregivers to quickly and accurately locate the bladder every time.

Studies show that bladder ultrasounds can help reduce catheterization rates by up to 50%.1

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Explore a male external catheter proven to reduce IUC use

The Men’s Liberty Acute External Catheter is a completely non-invasive solution to urinary incontinence. Its innovative, leak-proof design fits nearly all men and directs urine away from the skin to avoid moisture-related skin breakdown while keeping patients dry and comfortable. In a recent study, the use of Men’s Liberty Acute lead to a 19% reduction in IUC insertions with no detected cases of infection.2

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Watch how Men’s Liberty Acute External Catheter supports CAUTI prevention.

A male external catheter
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Use intermittent catheters to avoid the high cost of CAUTIs

The CDC and the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) recommend intermittent catherization as an alternative to short-term catheter use to reduce catheter-associated pathogens and CAUTI.3,4,5 Designed by nurses for nurses, our easy-to-use Total One-Layer Intermittent Catheter Tray gives staff everything they need to empty the bladder. Components are organized in order of use, ensuring caregivers follow aseptic technique and minimizing the risk of contamination.

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See how our products help reduce the
overuse of IUCs

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Make CAUTI prevention second nature

Explore Medline’s full Urological Solution. From best practice guidance to education and the right system of products, we help you drive a culture of safety across your organization.

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