Upload Orders


1. Select "Upload Orders"

Once you have logged in, you have now arrived at the My Account landing page. From here, select "Upload Orders"


2. Understand File Format

Before uploading an order file, you can choose to select the hyperlinked "Order Upload Format Guide" for detailed information on the file types and formatting required for the system to be able to recognize your order details. The guide covers Excel, text delimited, and VLX file format options.

3. Understanding the Upload Options

4. Upload the Order

Once selections are made, click the green "Upload" button to complete the order upload process. If you chose to review the order(s) before submitting, you will go on to submit the order as though it was from a regular Medline.com shopping cart.

When your file has been successfully processed, you will see the attached message along with receiving an email of your upload status.

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