Uploading Shopping Lists


1. Select "Order Shopping Lists"

Once you have logged in, you have now arrived at the My Account landing page. From here, select "Shopping Lists"



2. Understand File Format


When using the Upload New Shopping List, please make sure that you also review the Upload Shopping List Format Guide along with Downloading the Sample Shopping List File to begin your list upload process. Once you have created your excel file with your items you’d like to upload to create a shopping list, click on the Upload New Shopping List link.


2. Select File to Upload


Select the “Browse” button and locate your file that you will upload. You also may enter in additional email addresses to be notified of the upload under the Notifications area. Once you are ready, select the Upload File button.


When your file is successful, you will see the following message along with receiving an email that states your upload was a success.


Your Shopping List will then be in the Shopping Lists section and you may now order using your new list.

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