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Medline.com's Order Templates section provides you with the ability to create and access custom item lists for the products you order most frequently. Utilizing these personal order templates can be an easy and efficient way to add items to future orders!

Please continue reading below for FAQs on Order Templates, or use the left-hand navigation to find detailed tutorials on specific template topics.

How many templates can I create?

There is no limit to the number of templates you may create. That being said, you may want to visit "Editing a Template" to learn how to utilize the categorization feature within a template to help keep your items organized.

How many items can I have on a template?

While we do not set a limit on the number of items you can add to a single template, we do caution that you may experience slowness as the template gets quite long. For that reason, we recommend that your templates contain 200 item lines or fewer.

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