Why Latex Free?

Achieving a latex-free environment can be challenging due to the limitations latex-free products present. The largest hurdle is that most latex-free gloves do not feel like latex. Consequently, surgeons and nurses believe they must sacrifice the fit, feel, and comfort they have grown accustomed to with their everyday latex gloves. But Medline has innovative solutions to this dilemma.

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Medline's SensiCare® latex-free surgical gloves are made from Isolex™, a proprietary synthetic polyisoprene (PI). This man-made material has a molecular structure that is virtually identical to natural rubber latex (NRL). Isolex™ Polyisoprene is softer, more elastic, and more comfortable than latex because it is a 100% synthetic material. In fact, many surgeons and OR staff members that try SensiCare do not believe it's a latex-free product! Also, it does not contain any of the harmful impurities found in latex. Latex Free Solutions

SensiCare revolutionized the latex-free surgical glove market in the late 1990's as the first polyisoprene surgical glove. Medline is the only surgical glove supplier that actually manufactures the PI raw material used to make SensiCare. All other glove suppliers rely on third party suppliers for their PI needs. By manufacturing the PI ourselves, we have control over the quality of the SensiCare gloves from start to finish. For these reasons, Medline's SensiCare gloves are being used by some of the most prestigious healthcare facilities worldwide.

Latex vs. Polyisoprene

Tensile strength comparison graph surgical gloves

The following charts compare key physical properties of SensiCare Polyisoprene, Natural Rubber Latex (market leading glove), and Neoprene glove materials. Surgical gloves must be soft, comfortable, elastic, and strong. Clearly, Medline's SensiCare surgical gloves exhibit characteristics and performance similar to natural rubber latex and superior to neoprene latex-free surgical gloves, fulfilling these requirements.

Latex vs Polyisoprene comparison graphs
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