The Medline Difference

Surgical gloves are one of the most sensitive products for your surgeons and OR staff. Switching surgical glove suppliers can seem like a challenging endeavor for any health care facility. Medline offers a comprehensive line of quality products combined with the support you require to help achieve your initiatives.

Medline Sales Representative

Comprehensive Product Line

Medline offers a complete line of latex, latex-free, and specialty surgical gloves in a variety of styles to satisfy your most demanding needs.

Because Medline is committed to assisting your facility in meeting its objectives, our sales representatives and regional O.R. specialists assume a consulting role to aid you with:

  • SKU Consolidation
  • Powder-Free Initiatives
  • Latex-Free Initiatives
  • Implementing a cost effective product mix with your existing surgical gloves

Cost-effective solutions

Medline has demonstrated impressive performance as a medical supplies manufacturer and distributor with 43 consecutive years of financial growth. Because Medline sells more than 100,000 products, we are able to spread our costs over several items, which drastically minimizes our costs and allows us to offer highly competitive surgical glove prices to you. In fact, most facilities realize savings of more than 10% by switching to Medline's premium surgical gloves.

Quality Assurance Program

Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of both you and your patients is a top priority at Medline. Whether you are looking to Medline for cost containment or for your latex-free initiative, you deserve nothing less than the highest quality surgical gloves. In our uncompromising effort to care for you and your patients, our gloves are tested to levels 35% more stringent than the FDA requires. Medline thoroughly inspects its gloves for:

  • Thickness
  • Dimension consistency
  • Elongation
  • Pinholes
  • Tensile strength
  • Tears

Evaluation and Conversion Support

With Medline, switching surgical gloves is seamless and hassle-free thanks to our excellent process and support.

Medline's team of sales representatives, clinical nurses, and regional O.R. specialists work together with Materials Management, O.R. Management, surgeons, and staff prior to, during, and after the surgical glove evaluation.

Our team will meet with your team to detail the product options, features and benefits, and address any concerns. This includes attending your surgical committee meetings to present the product line and review your objectives. In addition, Medline supplies you and your staff with customized evaluation announcement materials so there are no surprises.

Medline's sales team will be on-site throughout the trial to in-service, properly size the staff, answer questions, and handle any objections. Because surgical gloves are sensitive to your staff, we'll work closely with each and every one of them to ensure they find a suitable option.

Medline will provide a detailed Evaluation Summary Report highlighting the gloves trialed, staff acceptance rate, glove pricing, and recommended actions to convert, including replacing inventory with Medline product to make your transition quick and trouble-free. Medline sales representatives will be present to assist you in implementing the glove conversion, reeducating the staff utilizing customized visual conversion guides, and changing the staff's preference cards.

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