My Account Homepage


1. My Account Home

My Account Home - This screen will be your homepage for all order- and account-related activities. The following images will illustrate some of the various tasks you can execute from the "My Account" page.

First, it is important to know how to return to the "My Account" page. A link will always be available in the top right next to the cart button. When the left-hand toolbar is present, you can also utilize that hyperlink to get back to the My Account home page.

2. Order Lists


Other Order Statuses: If you are a user that has order approval rules, you may see additional groups of orders. They will display "Orders Pending Approval" if you are the user requesting approval, or "Orders Pending Your Approval" if you are the supervisor that must approve.


3. Create a New Order


There are 3 main ways to return to an order that you have been working on.

  1. Click "Create New Order" on the left-hand toolbar
  2. Click the "Create New Order" button beneath the Search Tools banner
  3. Begin entering item numbers into the Quick Order item entry fields, and click the "Add to Order" underneath them

Some of the other ways include using the various tools in the left-hand toolbar, like Order Templates, Search Orders, and Search Item History. You may also enter an already submitted order to use those items in a new order.

4. View Current Order


There are 3 main ways to create an order that you have been working on.

  1. Click on the "Cart" button at the top right
  2. Click "View Current Order" at the top of the left-hand toolbar
  3. Click on the order itself in the "Un-submitted Orders" bucket

5. Your Account


Utilize this section of the left-hand toolbar to change your account settings. Click "Change Password" to carry out that task. Clicking "My Profile" can help you manage account information such as your e-mail address, name, website preferences, and e-mail notification preferences.

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