Medline Punchout

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What is Medline PunchOut

The Medline PunchOut program support online purchasing system, which are common in business-to-business (B2B) environments.

‘PunchOut’ is an industry terminology for purchasing supplies through the internet using an intermediary purchasing system. Business customers can select through their purchasing system, and purchase on on behalf of their business.

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How Medline PunchOut Works

User logs in to their procurement system
Procurement System connects to Medline product catalogue
User is directed to a curated version of, adds products to cart
Cart is sent back to procurement system and purchase order is submitted seamlessly

Benefits of e-procurement

As the electronic handling of tasks supports and simplifies the purchasing process, transaction speed is increased. Also, because of e-enabled relationships with suppliers, procurement cycle times speed up. The e-procurement process eliminates unnecessary activities, allowing you to focus on more valuable tasks.

#Reduced Costs
#Transparent Spending
#Increased Productivity
#Eliminating Paperwork
#Increased Transaction Speed
#Standardized Buying
#Reduced Errors
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Medline integrates with a large number of procurement systems, including:

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We’ve created a comprehensive FAQs list which covers all of the PunchOut and e-procurement questions we usually receive. If you have additional questions or would like to speak to a Medline PunchOut representative for more information, please use the contact button below.

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