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Editing "Master Templates"

1. What is a Master Template?

A master template is one that was created for you by your Medline sales rep. They are "locked" from editing or deleting. The following steps will show you how to copy this template as one of your own in order to make edits.

In your template list, you will know if one of your templates is a "master template" because it is denoted with a green check mark under a column of the same name. Select this template if you would like to create a copy of it to keep and edit as your own.

2. Click "Copy Template"

You will notice another message here at the top reminding you that you do not have access to edit this template. Click the "Copy Template" button to continue.

3. Rename the Template

You can enter any name for this template that you wish. Once you have renamed the template, click "Save and Close".

4. Success!

The "KITS-COPY" that was created has been added to the templates list. You'll see that it does not have the check mark in the Master Template column. This template will be yours to edit as you see fit.

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