Exam Gloves

The Medline Difference

For over 40 years, Medline has created innovative exam-glove options that meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry. Rigorous testing (AQL 1.5) and strict standards ensure that all our gloves provide excellent fluid and viral protection. Our commitment to high-quality and excellent service has helped us to become the largest exam glove supplier in the United States. Choose from our complete assortment of premium nitrile, vinyl and latex exam gloves.

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Manufactured using propriety technology, our Aloetouch® gloves are coated on the inside with pure freeze-dried organic aloe. Heat from the wearer's hands activates the aloe, helping to relieve skin that is dry, red, chapped and irritated from frequent hand washing and glove donning. A recent study demonstrates that healthcare workers who used Medline's Aloetouch gloves had less skin irritation and better compliance with hand-hygiene requirements. Available in nitrile, vinyl and latex.


Although nitrile gloves of the past have been thick and stiff, Medline's new nitrile exam gloves offer a flexibility and tactile sensitivity similar to latex with the protection and durability of nitrile. This affordable glove can be used facility-wide to help prevent allergic reactions to latex.

3G Vinyl

Medline's patented stretch-synthetic exam gloves deliver unprecedented softness, strength and durability. Made from a proprietary formula, our 3G gloves are a cost-effective latex-free alternative with the tactile sensitivity, fit and barrier protection facilities need. The resin in our 3G glove has much longer polymer chains than other synthetic gloves on the market today, making the resin more workable, flexible and resilient. Now you can standardize with a single latex-free vinyl glove.


All of Medline's exam gloves are designed to lay flat – one on top of the other – inside the box. This allows the gloves to be removed one at a time, rather than in clumps. Recently, we have also made our exam glove packaging smaller, and in turn increased our shipping capacity and decreased our gas usage. The new dimensions have also minimized the amount of waste generated from discarded empty glove boxes. For example, the packaging of our new SensiCare Ice, Aloetouch Ice and MediGuard Nitrile gloves reduce waste by 55% (compared to older packaging dimensions) with each box of gloves!

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