Customer Item Numbers

Customer Item Numbers - Customer Item Numbers are user-driven item numbers that some of our customers choose to associate to Medline item numbers. This is not a necessary step for all customers, and in fact please be aware that you must have the correct permissions in order to maintain customer item numbers for your facility or group.

If you need permissions to add or maintain customer item numbers please contact your Medline account manager, or our website support desk at

Once you have logged in, you have now arrived at the My Account landing page. From here, select "Customer Item Numbers"


2. Understand Your Choices


3. Add or Change the Customer Item Number


This image demonstrates the display when you enter or change a Customer Item Number for a Medline SKU. After clicking elsewhere in the page or tabbing down, this will automatically save.

4. Upload or Download the Customer Item Number File


Up to this point, this tutorial has demonstrated how to manage Customer Item Numbers individually. To expedite the process when there are a large number of Medline SKUs to manage, or to download files for the item numbers you have already created, please use the Advanced Tool on the upper-right side of the page. This tool also has a "Learn More" feature that goes further in depth on these topics, as well as managing the Customer Item Number file en masse.

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