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UPDATED December 11, 2020

Supply access update

Supply availability

Across the country, demand continues to grow at 300% higher than traditional manufacturing and distribution volumes and has outstripped normal demand by 1000% for certain products. We continue to monitor inventory levels on an ongoing basis and do everything possible to get volumes to match COVID-level demand. While allocations remain on many categories, we will provide updates as needed.

Supplies on allocation include, but are not limited to, the following:
UPDATED December 11, 2020
  • Facemasks
  • PPE – Isolation gowns and coveralls
  • Surgical drapes and gowns
  • Standard and custom packs
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Exam gloves
  • Nasopharyngeal swabs

Although factories in China and other parts of Asia have re-opened, many are operating with restrictions, and production and distribution continue to be slow. For example, we are seeing constriction in exam glove manufacturing due to a continued Movement Control Order to limit the spread of COVID-19 in Malaysia. At this time, factories overall supply chain there continues to be at about 50% of previous volumes.

Alleviating strain on the supply chain

  • Invested in air freight shipments for several months to accelerate PPE delivery. Ultimately, more than 25 million exam gloves and more than 50 million facemasks and gowns were air freighted, reducing manufacturing-to-dock time by 3-4 weeks.
  • Globally sourced numerous new PPE options as “Spot Buy” opportunities to augment the PPE supply chain, including cover gowns, coveralls, face shields, facemasks and bouffant caps.
  • Began reprocessing disposable isolation gowns to expand overall availability of protective apparel.
  • For disinfectant wipes, the availability of materials (e.g. canisters and wipe fabric) continues to intermittently disrupt production. We continue to be challenged by the market-wide shortage of isopropyl alcohol, a key ingredient in several products. To mitigate disruption of your supply needs, we are offering substitutes based on availability. If the chemistry of the offered sub is not compatible with your equipment and surfaces, you may continue to order your original product, which will be fulfilled as inventory becomes available.

Account insight

Medline has been actively working to provide you visibility into products that are on allocation.

Log in to the online catalog to see your allocation for each impacted item. After you are logged in, you will see the following on an item-specific basis:

  1. Your allocation quantity
  2. What has already been ordered
  3. How much more is available until the next reset period (the 1stof the following month)


We hope this helps provide some insight into your current supply status and helps with planning.

*This will be updated as new information becomes available.

UPDATED December 11, 2020

Enterprise response

Forward-looking relief efforts

10,000 employees working
We’ve continued full operations since the beginning of COVID-19, with more than 10,000 employees in our domestic manufacturing and warehouse facilities.

Increasing hand sanitizer
In under a month, we restructured manufacturing operations in Wisconsin and Connecticut to supply a substantial volume of hand sanitizer and are now producing more than 400,000 bottles per week.

Increasing PPE production
Medline has substantially increased overall global production capacity for PPE products, in some cases by as much as 10x. Additionally, we’ve delivered more than 9 billion exam gloves, nearly 400 million facemasks, cover gowns, and isolation gowns to healthcare customers.

Maximizing delivery capabilities
Delivering nationwide at full capacity, our 1,000+ MedTrans trucks are deployed daily and maximizing delivery capabilities.

A message from our CEO

Thank you to Medline customers and all healthcare providers for their extraordinary efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic

Economic and social challenges at the center of the crisis

Why Medline’s response at home and beyond matters

Industry action

UPDATED December 11, 2020

Protecting our employees

Here’s an overview of some of the efforts in our U.S. facilities to support the fight against COVID-19 during these unprecedented times. Similar initiatives have occurred globally.

  • Only essential employees are working on-site. We have instituted temperature checks
    outside of manufacturing facilities before employees or deliveries may enter. We are also
    enforcing our policy for sending home sick employees.
  • All business travel has been halted.
  • All corporate fitness centers are closed, and cafeterias remain open only in buildings with manufacturing and distribution team members. In open cafeterias:
    • All self-service food stations are closed
    • A seating grid aligning with social distancing has been put in place
  • All break rooms, restrooms and mothers’ rooms are stocked with hand sanitizer.
  • Implemented a system for employees who are working in the office to be able to tag all surfaces they regularly contact – which are then cleaned by cleaning crews three times per day.
  • Our leadership team is regularly sending transparent updates to employees on company-wide guidelines and changes in the national landscape.
  • All sales employees are receiving weekly updates on customer-impacting supply chain events and allocations.
  • A Coronavirus Response intranet page provides employees with educational materials, FAQs, resources for physical and mental health and wellness, as well as links to regularly-updated health information from the CDC and WHO.
  • Office-based employees can order home office hardware free of charge to help make the transition to working from home as easy and productive as possible.
  • Implemented a virtual queuing technology for customer service calls that enables customer service personnel to work from home.

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