Warehouse robotic technology picks the exact goods you need

Medline pioneers innovation in automation so healthcare providers get the supplies they need—right size, right place, right time.

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One size never fits all

And that is why Medline distribution centers serve as regional hubs, providing next-day service to customers, large and small, in every care setting, even to patients’ homes.

This has come about because purchasing trends and an expanded customer base have enhanced the need for LUM (lowest unit of measure) over bulk cases.

National spending for healthcare is expected to grow more than 5% per year through 2026.1

Our distribution centers provide next-day service to customers large and small

How do you keep up with demand and provide the best care?

Work with a supply chain partner who delivers greater accuracy, greater flexibility and more efficiency across the continuum.

We are always looking for ways to better serve our customers. In implementing AutoStore™ robotic technology, we have adapted to meet our customers’ needs with greater accuracy.

These “robots on the move” are built to solve today’s supply chain challenges:1

  • Increased item picking
  • Shorter windows to fill orders
  • Tight labor market


North American company to partner with AutoStore technology

What is AutoStore?

This highly efficient, robotized goods-to-person order process solution helps us stay flexible and efficient, accurately picking more of the individual items customers need.

How does this robotic technology benefit you?

AutoStore’s goods-to-person picking technology boosts efficiency, maximizes storage space and makes it virtually impossible to pick the wrong product and/or quantity. You receive the right supplies in the right amount, saving you time and storage space, so you can do what matters more: caring for patients.

How does the technology work?

Robots sort products into bins to quickly process small parts orders. This innovative warehouse technology provides better use of available space thanks to its unique design and ability to auto-learn high-rotation items for more intuitive storing and picking.

See the technology in action

Our efficiency empowers your efficiency

No overbuying on SKUs with lower utilization, so you’re not tying up money in inventory

Freeing up frontline staff for more high value tasks by reducing touchpoints

Sustainability through reusable totes versus cardboard

Built-in intelligence, so that the most frequently used supplies are easily accessible

Space optimization through picking accuracy, so you’re not storing more than what you need

Optimized utilization by eliminating the waste of expired or unused products

Learn more about our unique strategies to optimize your operating performance.

See our approach

Learn more about our unique strategies to optimize your operating performance.

See our approach

2. Internal data.

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