How value-based care empowered Geisinger during COVID

Together, Geisinger and Medline help improve HAPI and CLABSI outcomes

How do you continue to improve care quality in the midst of a pandemic?

At a time when COVID-19 literally upended U.S. healthcare organizations, executives and frontline caregivers faced challenges that risked shattering their longstanding, value-based care goals. This might have been true for Geisinger—a Northesast regional healthcare provider—and their ongoing initiative to reduce hospital-acquired pressure injuries (HAPI) and central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI). With the right planning, communication and training, they didn’t let the pandemic distract them.

This paper will explore how the Geisinger and Medline partnership stayed focused on critical goals at a critical time, through:
• Data and transparency
• Rounding and communication
• Training and culture

Download the white paper, produced by Modern Healthcare Custom Media, to discover how your system can achieve better outcomes in the midst of crisis.

“The integrated partnership between Geisinger and Medline is a great way of shifting the focus away from fee-for-product model and working collaboratively to achieve better quality outcomes for our patients.”

—Dr. Navneet Singh Dang, Chief quality officer for Inpatient Services

White paper cover with an image of a zoom call with nine Medline and Geisinger participants
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Learn more about our unique strategies to optimize your operating performance.

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