How inventory tracking empowers global supply chains

Together with One World Surgery (OWS), we helped a busy surgery center in Honduras care for more patients, more efficiently

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The team

One World Surgery and Medline

Holy Family Surgery Center in Honduras is operated by OWS, a not-for-profit organization that partners with healthcare providers and communities to help deliver high quality surgical and primary care globally. They’ve seen firsthand the challenges low-resource health systems face in delivering care — and the impact supply chain improvements can have on the speed, accessibility and standard of care patients receive.

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OR surgery centers
located outside of Tegucigalpa, Honduras

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medical teams
hosted yearly

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acre ranch
setting for Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH) children’s home

The challenge

Stretched thin on time and resources, staff members struggled to track and organize donated supplies. Without a proper inventory tracking system in place, volunteer clinicians spent significant time looking for supplies or waiting on others to deliver what was needed. When critical surgical items were never accounted for, operating costs increased, limiting the ability to plan for the future and contributing to high turnover times.

“In a place where care is needed the most, the ability to provide efficient care can be tremendously difficult.”

Headshot of Michael Redler, a volunteer surgeon from Connecticut

In a low-resource setting, the impact of every dollar goes even further to treat more patients. Medline’s supply chain and perioperative teams identified key opportunities for increased efficiency:

  • Improvements in storage
  • Replenishment methodology
  • PAR level optimization

We partnered with clinical staff to develop processes that worked best for them, providing ongoing education and support.

The solution

In August 2018, Medline began a 3-phase plan to better manage and track inventory. Now, the surgery center can:

  • Forecast supply needs more accurately
  • Hold less inventory
  • Increase OR efficiency from set-up to turnover

The result

OWS’s new system will grow with them as they expand beyond Honduras and open their next site in the Dominican Republic.

“Having our supplies organized and readily available when we need them has been a critical component to being able to increase our volumes from 10-20 patient consults per day to well over 50.”

OWS staff member

Key outcomes

Icon of a transport truck

5 truckloads of excess product
redistributed to local facilities

Icon signifying open space

1,000+ square feet freed up
for staff to easily find what they need

Icon of a stopwatch

Reduced turnover times
in the OR

Icon showing a percentage sign

First-in-first-out system
for efficient shelf pulls

Icon of a surgical tray

Less surgical time lost
due to tracking down supplies

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Learn more about our unique strategies to optimize your operating performance.

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