Lessons from COVID: engaging patients and regaining trust

How Providence reassured patients and brought them back to a new normal

How could one small bundle offer so much value?

In light of COVID-19, health systems are eager to assure patients that they can—and should—continue to safely seek care in acute settings. COVID-19 has demanded significant clinical and operational resources, leading to canceled or deferred elective surgeries. Like leaders at many healthcare organizations, executives at Renton, Washington-based Providence were concerned that if they didn’t take significant action, patients may move out surgeries for months—or perhaps indefinitely—which could have a negative impact on the health of the patient. They were at a crossroads:

  • Do they continue to operate as is and hope that patients feel comfortable enough to return for important care?
  • Or should they address the issue head-on and seize an opportunity to improve the patient experience?

This paper will explore how Providence partnered with Medline to regain patient trust and engage patients through the development of a pre-surgical bundle program.

Download the white paper, produced by Modern Healthcare Custom Media, to discover how your system can bolster patient engagement in even the most trying of times.

“Restoring patient confidence in the safety of our care facilities is not about just getting back to the way things used to be. It’s about treating patients at the right time so they can avoid having emergency situations.”

—Dr. Jimmy Chung, AVP, Perioperative Clinical Performance Group, Providence

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Learn more about our unique strategies to optimize your operating performance.

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