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Sports caregiver using athletic tape to wrap the wrist and thumb of an athlete
Sports caregiver using athletic tape to wrap the wrist and thumb of an athlete

Keep your athletes moving

Whether your athletes run, jump, throw, swim, dance, row or ski, they may suffer injuries that require medical attention—from wounds like abrasions and blisters to strains, sprains and other musculoskeletal concerns.

When they’re able to focus on what they do best, they do better. You need reliable treatment options to help them regain peak performance with minimal risk—and that’s what we do best.

Our process is simple: create innovative products that elevate the standard of care. From portable equipment to wound care supplies, every feature of our products has a purpose. If it doesn’t help your athletes regain peak performance, you won’t see it in our lineup.

What sets us apart

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World-class customer service

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Partners you know

We’re proud to partner with some of the most trusted organizations in the industry.

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Tapes and wraps

Choose from a broad range of gauze, tapes, casting and bandages for first aid and injury prevention. Available in all sizes, they hold strong as athletes move.

First aid and wound care

Whether you’re treating minor blisters and abrasions or cuts, bleeds and more significant injuries, we offer a comprehensive line-up of first aid and advanced wound care products that work as hard as your athletes do.

Rehab supplies and equipment

Helping your athletes on their road to recovery takes the right equipment. From topical and advanced pain management supplies and equipment to a full range of treatment tables and stations, we’re with you every step of the way.
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Strengthening and performance

Whether they’re rehabbing or doing routine conditioning, we’ve got the cardiovascular and resistance training equipment athletes need to reach peak performance.
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Therapy and rehab

Effective products to support your facility

Cover of the Sports medicine and therapy product guide
Sports medicine and therapy product guide

Innovative products and solutions

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Advanced wound care

Innovative wound care for athletes

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CURAD® Performance Series®

Athletic Tapes

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Box of CURAD elite athletic tape
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Collection of hot and cold packs
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Electrotherapy/ultrasound machine
Collection of orthopedic braces and boots
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Two rolls of self-adherent wrap
Pair of black and steel dumbells
Therapy and rehab treatment and storage table
Sports therapy whirlpool tub

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