Medline’s NeuroGym Therapy and Rehab Equipment

The rehab landscape is changing and every therapy minute counts. With the right level of technology, becoming more mobile can be attainable—even for those who may not have stood or walked in years. Facilities now have an innovative, cost effective solution: Medline’s NeuroGym therapy and rehab equipment.

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Intuitive and Patient-Centered

What’s different? Patients take action in their recovery with NeuroGym. The user, not the system, initiates movement, which can help rewire the brain and speed recovery. The product line includes:

  • Sit-to-Stand Trainer. Provides graduated support of the standing and sitting motion using a counter-weight mechanism.
  • Bungee Mobility Trainer. Re-teaches the ability to walk and help improve the dynamic balance skills necessary for falls prevention.
  • Pendulum Stepper. Trains lower extremity strength, endurance and range of motion.
  • And more.

New Approach to Rehab:
One Provider is Creating Revenue Opportunities and Improving Patient Mobility


NeuroGym for Acute Facilities


NeuroGym for Post-Acute Facilities

Less Risk, More Productivity

NeuroGym equipment facilitates patient mobility and the ability to stand independently, which helps decrease the risk of pressure ulcers and potential for falls.1 Plus, only one therapist may be needed to lift or mobilize a patient, while other systems may require 2-3 therapists.

Find Out How to Reduce Costs and Improve Outcomes

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