Medline’s Neurogym therapy and rehab equipment

The rehab landscape is changing and every therapy minute counts. With the right level of technology, becoming more mobile can be attainable—even for those who may not have stood or walked in years. Facilities now have an innovative, cost-effective solution: Neurogym therapy and rehab equipment.

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New Approach to Rehab:
One Provider is Creating Revenue Opportunities and Improving Patient Mobility

Patient-centered innovation

What makes Neurogym different? It provides a safe environment for patients, where they can actively engage in functional activities with assistance available as needed. Neurogym intensifies and maximizes patient recovery while reducing the need for therapists to repetitively lift patients, which can help reduce injuries.

Sit-to-Stand Trainer

  • Progress chair, bed and floor transfers while providing objective measurements
  • Provides counterweight assistance to standing and weight-bearing activities with low- and high-level patients; easily track progression
  • Portable and can be utilized at bedside in a patient’s room

Bungee Mobility Trainer

  • Progress patients with gait, static and dynamic balance, as well as activities of daily living in a safe environment
  • Designed to allow for gait in all directions, as well as more complex movements—such as step-ups or picking an object up from the ground
  • Support at the hips allows patients to properly utilize their core while learning fall-prevention strategies

Pendulum Trainer

  • Helps progress strength, range of motion and endurance of all extremities by changing the level of resistance. Reciprocal motion mimics movements of gait when sitting.
  • Small footprint and wheeled design allows for portability and ease of use in a variety of environments
  • Utilize in any chair or wheelchair without the need for patient transfer

Improve safety and productivity

Neurogym helps facilitate patient mobility, which is important for maintaining skin integrity, reducing falls risk and promoting overall health. Only one therapist is needed to operate the equipment-saving you time and increasing productivity while creating a safe environment for patient care.


Neurogym Sit-to-Stand Trainer


Neurogym Bungee Mobility Trainer

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