Empowered for safe mobility.
Supporting caregivers and patients with every move.

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Female nurse assisting mobility of a male patient with a lift

Empowered for safe mobility.
Supporting caregivers and patients with every move.

Stay in sync with the latest ANA guidelines.

The American Nurses Association (ANA) recommends mobilizing patients early for better outcomes. But how do you safely handle patients without putting them at risk for falls or increasing caregiver injuries?

Safe mobility requires a comprehensive, multifaceted approach that supports caregivers so they can protect their patients and themselves.1

Male patient sitting up in hospital bed with assist from a patient lift

Safe mobility requires a comprehensive, multifaceted approach that supports caregivers.

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Two female and one male hospital employees in a small group discussion at a nurses station

Hood Memorial Hospital Sees Reduction in Falls

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The challenge is twofold.

Protecting patients.

Caring for caregivers.

One united initiative.

Uplift is a breakthrough program designed to protect patients and clinicians. It mirrors the American Nurses Association (ANA) safe patient handling and mobility (SPHM) guidelines to integrate safe patient handling, falls management and early mobility into one united initiative.1

The power of Uplift.

Enabling your team with the right education and tools, Uplift will help you put the upcoming ANA best practices into action to eliminate unnecessary injuries and create a culture of safety.

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Discovery assessments

Spotlight challenges and identify solutions at regular intervals.

Uplift Program

Clinically proven products

Help ensure caregiver compliance and well-being through all three stages of progressive mobility.

Ongoing clinical support

We employ evidence-based best practices to help you improve patient outcomes.

Improved patient outcomes

Education in action.

We’ve created a comprehensive curriculum as the answer to long-term change for the better.

Onboarding Kit

Implementation is simple and seamless with this complete toolkit.

Internal Communication Tools

Your team will be fully informed every step of the way with key communication tools.

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Interactive Education

Your team will have access to online courses and videos at MedlineUniversity.com.

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Onsite Clinical Training

Our experts come to you to help you take everything you’ve learned to the next level.

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Request a risk-free discovery assessment.

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