Lifting and Repositioning

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Caregiver using a sling and lift to transfer a patient

Move patients more safely and easily

Lifting patients manually can cause staff injuries. 20% of nurses leave direct care positions as a result of low back pain,¹ creating high costs for facilities.

ComfortGlide Sling

2-in-1 repositioning sheet and sling

Every time your staff lifts someone to place in a sling, there are back injury risks. Our ComfortGlide Sling can be left under a patient throughout their stay and used as both a glide sheet and a sling.

  • Low-friction nylon requires less exertion than a typical draw sheet
  • Multiple handles provide leverage for severeal caregivers; sturdy loops for easy attachment to a lift
  • Compatible with low air-loss mattresses
  • 1,000-lb. lifting capacity and large size
ComfortGlide 2-in-1 Repositioning Sheet and Sling


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