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Pediatric Asthma

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Approximately 35.9 million Americans have been diagnosed with asthma. It is the leading chronic disease among children. Take these 4 steps to help provide for the littlest of patients.

Pediatric Asthma Management

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Provide options for daily asthma medication delivery

Be prepared with a wide variety of nebulizer compressors to satisfy all patient preferences, including tabletop, playful designs with friendly characters and portable designs made for travel.

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Enhance solutions in urgent care

Consider adding a spacer to an MDI to greatly increase the amount of medicine reaching the lungs. In recent testing, Medline spacers delivered 42% more efficiency than the leading competitor with nearly identical aerosol particle sizes.1

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Evaluate current monitoring solutions

Asthma changes are sometimes very gradual. Use a peak flow meter to alert patients when their asthma is getting worse, even before they start feeling symptoms. Low range peak flow models, in particular, are better for pediatric patients with diminished flow rates.2

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Replace products frequently

Follow these recommended replacement dates on key asthma products.

Device Replacement Period
Disposable nebulizer Every 2 weeks
Reusable nebulizer Every 6 months
Nebulizer compressor Every 36 months
MDI spacer As needed
Peak flow meter As needed

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  2. American Lung Association website. Measuring Your Peak Flow Rate. Available at: Accessed September 18, 2018.

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