Closed Suction Catheter

The performance you expect without a time-based change-out recommendation on the label.

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Patient with a closed suction catheter in mouth

The Power to Set and Follow Best Practice

ClearPro offers you the freedom to set your own change-out policy to meet both clinical recommendations and regulatory guidelines. This improves quality of care by reducing unnecessary change-outs that put the patient at risk for VAE while reducing costs by as much as 57%*

*Based on average industry closed suction pricing  being changed out at either 24 or 72 hour increments.

Advanced Features Come Standard

  • Pressure wiper seal helps maintain PEEP
  • Isolated cleaning chamber allows for rapid catheter irrigation
  • Conveniently kitted with all circuit adapters and connectors to reduce SKUs and save caregiver time
  • Does not contain DEHP
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Performance Evaluation

The Medline ClearPro and Avanos Turbo-Cleaning closed suction catheters were tested for flow rate and suction performance. Results showed similar efficacies in suctioning fluids with viscosities representative of human airway secretions.
Performance evaluation of two closed suction catheter systems white paper

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Watch our in-service video for complete details on ClearPro and instructions for use.

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ClearPro Closed Suction Catheter

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Closed suction catheter

ClearPro Pediatric Closed Suction Catheter

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Pediatric closed suction catheter
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