Get Your Free Box of FitGuard Touch Gloves

Ready to upgrade your facility-wide glove without breaking your budget? Introducing FitGuard Touch powder-free nitrile exam gloves — the durable*, versatile nitrile option made for everything from patient care to cleaning. Get your sample box and you’ll see how we’ve increased sensitivity and affordability, while maintaining excellent strength and protection.

FitGuard Touch Gloves


  • Our Thinnest Nitrile Glove – Great strength and sense of touch
  • Chemo-Tested — Meets the standard ASTM D6978**
  • Textured Fingertips — Enhanced grip for all tasks

Packaging Benefits

  • Available in 100 or 300 count boxes
  • Color-Coded Sizing — Easy selection at a glance

* Exceeds ASTM D6319 standard ** Not for use with Carmustine and Thiotepa.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak worldwide, all free sample campaigns have been put on hold.