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Stay in control of your surgical packs

Effectively managing surgical packs takes active communication, constant awareness and real-time responsiveness. It’s a demanding responsibility that can, at times, seem overwhelming-especially in a busy OR.

Patient safety and staff efficiency depend on you having complete control of your surgical pack program. That means having real-time access and total visibility into pack changes, inventory, supply availability and more.

That’s exactly what MedPack delivers, 24/7.

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Access to your pack data—anytime, anywhere

The combined capabilities of MedPack’s desktop and app interfaces give you complete visibility into your pack supply chain. Having instant insight into the status of your custom pack program empowers your staff to maximize their work every day.
A tech in blue scrubs and a mask using an iphone to scan a barcode on a surgical pack.

Real-time information and control

Total access makes on-the-fly decisions possible and helps minimize OR delays.

  • Daily inventory updates
  • Search for and scan shelf components on demand
  • Quickly review and accept subs
  • Review pack components and architecture
  • Access pack history and usage
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Efficient communication

Communicating clearly and quickly saves valuable time and helps improve patient care.

  • Share important updates with your team
  • Easily track new pack availability
  • Report quality incidents at anytime
  • Easily request and approve pack changes
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Custom analytics

Available through MedPack, our online reports and programs make pack optimization easier.

  • Generate custom inventory analytics
  • Review all components in your network
  • Identify strategies to reduce component variability
  • Pinpoint component savings opportunities

The future of pack management is now at your fingertips

The MedPack app puts control of your pack program within easy reach. At any time, and from any location, it gives you accurate, real-time access to inventory, analytics and more. Features include:

  • Advanced search capabilities
  • EBook approvals
  • Viewing packs and pack revisions
  • Barcode scanning capabilities
  • Quote creation
  • Quality reporting

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