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For more than half a century, Centurion products have been transforming the landscape of healthcare right at the point of care. Quality-driven, solution-based and always manufactured to the most rigorous standards, Centurion dressings, trays and single-use instruments are tools clinicians turn to time and again to improve outcomes and provide a higher standard of patient care.

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Custom Minor Procedure Kits Tailored to Your Needs

Centurion Chest Tube Tray

Solution-based Centurion trays for minor procedures are fully customizable and created to your specifications. Because each and every tray is built with order in mind, they provide immediate access to everything the caregiver needs, and, in their preferred sequence. Efficiency is achieved. Waste is eliminated. Standardization is enforced. And, because the trays arrive pre-assembled, valuable in-house staff time is saved. This streamlining contributes to cost-savings as well as increased clinician satisfaction and improved patient outcomes.

Of course, at the heart of these high-quality kits are Centurion’s superior single-use instruments and vascular access dressings, which are also available separately.

Single-Use Instruments and Trays

Crafted to stringent standards, Centurion instruments are unmatched in precision and consistency. They look, feel, and perform just like reusable instruments. And, they’re available in configurations designed to meet your needs. Choose from a wide range of pre-packaged single-sterile instruments and standard instrument procedure trays, or, let us customize a procedure tray to your specifications.

Recycle and Earn Rebates

Single-use Centurion instruments are designed to be recycled and reprocessed through the Centurion instrument recycling program. This user-friendly program not only provides an eco-friendly disposal alternative, it helps decrease red bag waste costs. Participating is easy. We provide collection containers as well as all the shipping materials you’ll need to return the instruments to us. After the instruments are received, they’ll be reprocessed, and you’ll receive a rebate check.

Accurate Irrigation
in Less Than 1 Minute

The aftereffects of inadequate debridement and irrigation are a costly problem. Traditional, time-consuming, fill-and-flush methods are unreliable. Centurion’s patented IRIG-8 system is an innovative alternative that provides consistent, controlled pressure and irrigates wounds in less than 60 seconds.

Comfortable, controlled, one-hand operation

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2-in-1 Vascular Access Dressings and Securement Devices

Created collaboratively with doctors and nurses, SorbaView Shield is a breakthrough, one-step, 2-in-1 product – a combination dressing and securement device – that sets the standard of excellence in catheter site management. Choose from a wide assortment of sizes designed to fit every clinical need.

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