The right drape
for every procedure.

Take a look at our innovative selection of standard and procedure-specific surgical drapes. Don’t see the drape you need? Contact your Medline Representative today.

Standard SMS Drape


  • Exceptionally high barrier strength
  • Heavy film side panels improve drapeability, help prevent shifting and visually separate the sterile from non-sterile fields
  • Hook and loop line holders save prep time and help organize the surgical field
  • Low-linting materials help reduce the risk factors associated with infection

Fluid protection: SMS drape material fluid resistant, absorbs fluid at critical zones on absorbent reinforcement material.

Orthomax Drape


  • 58% heavier than industry standard SMS fabrics, with a larger overall size for extra coverage
  • Advanced composite technology provides excellent drapeability and patient comfort
  • Low-linting helps reduces the risk factors associated with infection
  • Anti-slip patient positioners on select drapes help keep the surgical site stabilized and clean

Fluid protection: Extra strength; repels fluids and is tear resistant.

Best for: orthopedics and cardiovascular; procedures requiring extra strength drapes for long duration procedures.

UltraGard Drape


  • Absorbent top layer for fluid control
  • Ultra-low linting helps reduce the risk factors associated with infection

Fluid protection: Tri-laminate material passes blood and bodily fluids, helping to reduce the risk of contamination throughout entire drape.

Best for: High-fluid procedures.

Hydro-Dynamic Absorption™ (HDA) Drape


  • Hydro-Dynamic Absorption™ (HDA) fabric technology features a valved fluid design that quickly absorbs fluid and locks it into the core, minimizing the risk of pooling and runoff
  • Fluid-resistant film prevents strikethrough to the patient
  • Abrasion-resistant fabric helps reduce the risk of lint particles adhering to guide wires

Fluid protection: Superior fluid control—middle layer absorbs 40% more fluid than standard absorbent reinforcement material.

Best for: Cath lab.